Another Young Einstein Baby Cardigan


When I knit my first Young Einstein cardigan back in August, my friend Amy saw the picture on Instagram and asked if she could commission me to make one for her friend’s baby. Not only did I immensely enjoy knitting the first one, but the pattern’s author, Julia Stanfield, had made the Young Einstein pattern license free for small scale sales, so of course, I said yes!


I have to hand it to Amy for her yarn choice because in my experience with commissions people tend to select boring colors and schemes. I had directed Amy to the Tosh DK selections at Jimmy Beans Wool, and just look at the color she picked! The colorway is called Yoko, and the buttons are from Purl Soho.


I hope Amy’s friend loves this cardigan as much as I do. As my husband said, “Give that baby a newspaper to read!” Because the cardigan is so intellectual-looking. ;o)

Young Einstein Baby Cardigan


If you’re a knitter nerd like me, then you too must find the Young Einstein pattern by Julia Stanfield irresistible. That over-sized collar makes any baby look like a studious little adult, and what’s cuter than that? The pattern is incredibly versatile, with options for edging, sleeve, collar/hood, and the sizes range from newborn to ten years to boot!


Needless to say, when my dear, intellectual friend Nicole informed me that she is having a baby boy, I jumped right into this project, which has been patiently resting in my queue for some time now. The yarn is Tosh DK in the woodsy-academic colorway “Plaid Blanket,” which I have been oh so eager to use.



If I can ever get caught up on all my WIP’s I’d like to knit one of these for my son, or daughter, or anyone else I can think of. It was a true delight to make!